It is one of the most powerful virtual makeover tools available toady. It empowers users to interact with makeover products online. Users can pick, choose and virtually try products from product portfolio. It uses its proprietary algorithm and transforms uploaded photographs, mirroring the result in real-time.
1000Lookz can let users try out:
Facial Makeover | Hairstyle | Nail Color | Glasses (Sunglasses / Spectacle Lenses)
Web App
On the web, the fully loaded virtual makeover tool seamlessly integrates into your web portal. See realistic results of virtual makeovers.
IPhone App
Now your customers can preview and review your product on the move. Makeover for the upwardly mobile was never this simple.
iPur Beauty
Customized for purminerals, ‘iPur Beauty’ has been successfully launched in the app store and can be downloaded for free.
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